Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm grateful for...

I'm playing along with Maxabella and compiling a list of things I'm grateful for this week.

1. Grommets.
I realised the other day that I have only taken Turbo to the doctor once for something not ear related since he got his grommets in July. 
During Winter, Turbo was on antobiotics every 3 weeks with an ear infection or something related. They know us well. I'm really happy about this.
Read more about the grommets tale here

2. A busy few days socialising.
Thursday night we were at an end of year church BBQ, kids and all. Fun chaos. Friday night we were kid-less at a friend's 40th. And this afternoon I was at a friend's baby shower at the most beautiful house I've seen in a while. Tiring? Yes. Fun? YES!

3. Our first ever Christmas tree.
Plastic. 6ft. OURS!
With Mr Samoa's study, things like that to take a back seat and we just focused on pressies for each other and Turbo. This year we are starting to establish some family traditions and I'm super excited.

4. A clever little boy who can now stand by himself and makes me proud each time he does it.
Smiley will be sitting one moment and then push up on his hands into a standing position.
He wobbles proudly for 3-5 secs and then plops back onto his bottom.

5. A bit of money coming our way.
We got a government back pay which means Christmas pressies, the above-mentioned tree, bills all paid...I can relax!
Not everyone loves government departments but I am pretty thankful for them. They enabled me to stay at home with my kids while Mr Samoa studied. I told Mr Samoa we should write a thank you letter to them because I bet they never get thanked. He totally mocked me.
"Dear everyone we've ever dealt with and spoken to on the phone in the last 5 years..."
Hmmpf. I mean like to the head office or something.

That's my list for this week

What are you grateful for?


Maxabella said...

Wow, loads to be grateful for there, Penny. Thanks for joining in. Best wishes for a fab week ahead. x

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh so nice when there are no money pressure (for awhile). Love your post and yo family is so sweet :-)

Sammy said...

Yay for Smiley! What a talented and clever little man!

Kymmie said...

Oh, so many lovelies to be thankful for! I just received my year's worth of Centrelink payments too, and it's just paid off our visa card. Makes me very happy! SOcialising is exhausting but it makes you realise that there's more to life than housework. Right? And Christmas is much more exciting with a big Christmas tree in your house. Have fun decorating! xx

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