Monday, November 15, 2010

A night to remember

On Friday night, Mr Samoa and I went on a date as a celebration for finishing his study and for his job for next year. I wanted to do something memorable and special that would mean a lot to us.

So I chose Takapuna on the North Shore of Auckland. The place where we had our very first date and where Mr Samoa proposed to me.

I picked up some sparkling juice to toast with and packed the picnic blanket. My Mom and Dad arrived and we set off on our romantic adventure, Smiley safely in bed and Turbo happily playing with 'Nanny and Gempa'.

We got Burger King to eat on the beach and set up the blanket. Burger King, too, has special significance as this is what Mr Samoa bought me for dinner on our first date (more to come about this in The Story of Us - Part 2, click here if you missed Part 1). I'm not a big fan of Burger King but I must say the new Swiss Steakhouse burger is delicious! Fresh lettuce and tomoto, swiss cheese and lots of yummy mustardy tasting sauce. Anyway.

We poured the juice and I made a toast to Mr Samoa, for the strength he has shown in this journey of study, for succeeding against the odds and finishing despite having to do an extra year. And he toasted me, for standing by him and encouraging him the whole way through.

We raised our glasses to a new season that will begin in 10 weeks. It feels so good to be here, finally done.

The view was incredible, on the clear, warmish night. We walked along the beach, reminiscing. Here was where we parked up during my lunch breaks
(I worked in Takapuna when we first started dating) and kissed.

The wharf was where we ate our very first meal together.

And the then we visited the spot, near a tree, where he knelt down and asked me to marry him 11 months after our first date.

We had THE best time, holding hands, laughing, enjoying each other's company. To top the night off, my parents shouted us dessert and coffee, which ended up keeping me up most of the night. Note to self: order decaf after 5pm! But this didn't put a damper on the experience. I loved every minute. It's so important to have times like these, especially when things have been hard for a while. Sigh (of contentment).


MNM's said...

Wow, sounds like the PERFECT end to your week. And well done to you both on coming out the other side of all those long hard days, weeks and years. Great accomplishment and clearly great teamwork!

Sammy said...

What a lovely night and so great to return to such a special place. In the promised land. On the magic north shore. Where God smiles and the people laugh. You get my point. When are you moving back?

Nikkey said...

ha ha Sam - I second the motion thanks : )
Great that you had such a lovely night and with a great next year ahead will have many more I'm sure

Design It Chic said...

Hi Penny! Thanks for joining us on Boost My Blog Friday. We are naturally following you back! And congrats on your man's achievements! Kudos for being supportive of him during this entire process:)
Oh and don't forget to stop by today because we continue with our Show Yo' Flow Campaign, and you can't miss the interview we have on Stefanie and the amazing surprises she has for our readers:) See you there! Happy Monday!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Awww, so gorgeous! Good on you for taking the time for yourselves to celebrate what you've both achieved and what the future holds. Lovely photos and you both look like beautiful people who deserve the best in life. Wishing you every future success :)

Mands said...

Lovely Pen...Happy for your family xx

Dawn said...

oh i love this!!!!
you 2 are so sweet.....don't you wish you could have "regular" date nights???
It's so tricky when life gets in the way;))
I liked the pictures...especially of you 2:)

Hootnz said...

what a lovely thing to do :) and wow another ex-shore girl :) Also thanks for coming by my blog

Louise said...

Hey was told about your blog by my close friend, your fellow blogger "Mama Wears Jandals". I'm a palagi, married to a born and raised in Samoa, Mr Samoa. Great to have a little look at your blog and see some commonalities!! I'm not a BK fan either and that's his idea of a great meal out too!!!!! LOL!! But what can you do when those beautiful brown eyes meet yours huh??!!

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