Saturday, November 20, 2010

The story of us - Part 2

{Note: sorry this post does not have a lot of photos. I have been trying to find my box of old photo albums but they seem to be M.I.A for now}

If you missed Part 1, read it here

One night at a youth meeting, the young woman, who was now 21 years old, got up on stage to introduce the youth dance team that she was running. The young man thought she was beautiful and began to watch her more closely. They ran into each other quite a bit. He made excuses to talk to her. The young man asked her about the dancers in her youth dance team. She thought he was really caring about these youth because he asked her about them quite a few times.

The awesome 'Eternal' dance team
Sorry it's so blurry! That's me right in the middle

One night, at a Easter production the church was putting on, he checked her out as she stretched and warmed up for her dance. The young woman liked his rap song and thought he was cute, but she liked someone else. She began to suspect that he liked her when he managed to get her alone one afternoon at a dance practise. He asked her if she was going to the church ball. She said that she was. He asked her if she was going with anyone. She said that she wasn't. And the conversation peetered out. Hmmm.

She went on with her life, each week seeing the young man at the youth meeting on Friday nights. One night, a few weeks later, he asked for her phone number. The young woman was surprised but she gave it to him, thinking he wanted to talk about the youth. Later that week he called her. The young man had a list of questions to ask her, the last question being the one where he would ask her out. They had a nice conversation, which, once again, surprised the young woman. But the young man was very nervous and didn't get to the last question.

That Friday night, he asked if he could speak to her alone. He was very nervous again. He plucked up his courage and asked if he could take her out one night. The young woman was also a bit nervous and said yes, but that she would bring someone with her. He told her he would call her.

The young man was very excited, and arranged to pick her up a couple of weeks later on a Saturday night, and take her to the movies. He convinced her not to bring anyone with her. That Saturday, both the young woman and the young man couldn't eat for most of the day. As night approached, they both got even more nervous. The young man bought roses and chocolates for her, and drove to pick her up that evening.

Aw, look how young and skinny Mr Samoa was!

It was the young woman's very first date! He took her to the movies, and they saw SWAT - a total guy movie. She said no to popcorn and coke but wished she had said yes. After the movie she was starving so he said he'd take her out for dinner. She was excited! But they ended up getting Burger King and eating it in the car by the beach. The young woman was quite uncomfortable sitting in a dark car on the beach with someone she hardly knew, but she was beginning to like the young man. He was different...and cute.

Part 3 coming soon...


Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

So beautifully written. Such a lovely story. Your children will love reading this one day. Such precious memories.

Maxabella said...

I thought you were a brand new blogger over at your other blog - I was chuffed beyond belief to 'discover' you first!! Funny.

Anyway, here you are with loads of great posts to catch up on. Your children are beooooutiful (which is often the product of a pretty redhead and a swarthy dark fella). I'll enjoy getting to know you, Penny.


Little Gumnut said...

Awww, first love always warms the cockles of me heart! :)

Lyns said...

So sweet - looking forward to part 3 xx

Kymmie said...

Isn't it nice to have a lovely plug from Mira Narnie. It made my week. And thanks so much for popping over too. I'll be back ;-) xx

Naomi said...

so love a good love story - how wonderful and delightful that you found each other :) great to find your blog!

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