Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Doing better, thanks

So the last few weeks have been a little rough.
 This post pretty much describes the last two or three weeks.
I was completely exhausted, depleted, not coping, low. It was bad enough for me to go and see a doctor.
I usually just 'push through', which is probably why I hit such a wall.
I'm the type of person who doesn't sit still for long, likes to accomplish things and has a to-do list constantly in her head. I give until I've got no more in the (subconscious) quest to be the perfect wife and mother.
Anyone do the same?

And after 9 months straight of waking at least once a night, quite often more, no wonder I'm feeling the way I am.
We have (once again!!! read this post or this one for the battles with Turbo) tried different methods, and battled with Smiley to get him sleeping better.
My babies seem to be the kind who just don't give up that easily.

Crying it out does not work. They go for hours night after night after night....for weeks. For months I was up at night with Smiley. I refused to feed him, you see, before a certain time, and so it was either let him scream
(I tried for a few weeks but it didn't work and it's tortureous for me in our small unit where we live)
or sit with him or walk him up and down.

Looking back now I think I was nuts. Once again, I was trying to accomplish something:
the 'ultimate goal' (dripping with sarcasm) of having (drum roll please):
A baby who sleeps through the night.
I secretly hate those words!

And it was always me getting up as Mr Samoa had to study for exams, write assignments etc. and it was his last shot at getting his degree.
We weren't about to take any chances!

I'm rambling. Back to the doctor's appointment...

Her 'diagnosis' all boiled down to this:
"If you sort your baby's sleep out, you will be fine."

No kidding. You think?

She prescribed me some multivitamins and organised me a blood test.
We had a talk about post natal depression too.
I struggled with PND for 5 months after's Turbo's birth so I (and my family) have been watching out for it this time around.
But so far so good. I've enjoyed the journey so much more this time...
until these past few weeks.

The blood test levels came back all fine. Dang.
I was hoping I could 'fix' me with an iron pill or something.

But I have to agree with the doctor. The tiredness is taking it's toll.

But the good news (flippin' great news actually) is that this week I am feeling a whole lot better.
Still tired, yes, but Mr Samoa is being amazing.
He lets me sleep in every morning and because he hasn't currently found a summer job, he's home and helping me.

On top of that I've shifted my mindset. I HAVE to look after me more.
So I rest at every opportunity, even if it's just half an hour.

And as I mentioned in the last post, Smiley is now doing 2 hour afternoon naps instead of 40 minutes.
This makes a HUGE difference too. I didn't realise what a strain it was until it changed.
When he wakes up I feel ready to see him again. I look forward to it.

So things are looking up.



Gail said...

Awesome Penny I'm so pleased for you - and know that feeling all too well! (I secretly vomitted internally everytime someone told me abuot their sleeping through the night baby.). Pray you see change soon and for that perfect summer job to walk up and offer itself to Mr samoa!

Sammy said...

Yeah that jolly sleeping through the night thing! YUCKO! My widwife said that people lie about it and true sleeping through is a 12 hour straight sleep. In that case, even Blossom is not sleeping through yet!
LOVE YOU! So glad you are feeling better and taking care of you, Because you are pretty special to me and are my BFF. For eva! And eva. Yes that sounds like I am 12 years old. Oh to be that young. Actually not really. Ok, going

Meg said...

Naps are fantastic for mummies! I've snuck in a couple in the past week but am still tired. And no wee baby to blame for it either. Hoping you feel much better soon.

Penny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MNM's said...

Yay, that's great that you are feeling a little more rested. Long may the longer naps continue for some day rest for you. The night thing will come, just hang in there hon. My number 2 took way longer too, and it was real frustrating especially once I was back at work full-time and trying to learn a new job functioning on broken night's sleep. Luckily hubby and I shared the night duties so that helped a bit.

And I'm a little slow on the uptake...I've only just figured out that Sammy is your sister - by reading your 'Our Mums' post on KMB - LOL! I only discovered her blog the other day - you both are on such awesome journeys in

Penny said...

Thanks everyone, appreciate it xx

Lyns said...

Hi Penny...argh the never ending quest for babies that sleep through the night and Mummas that are well rested, full of happiness and energy!! My two didn't (still don't really but not a drama like it was a while back). And PND and I have been battling for a couple of years on and off. I have been seeing a great Doc since I moved up here so if you ever want any more info email me.
Oh and have to tell you Rangi saw your blog on screen the other day - he pointed to Mr Samoa and said Dadda. Ah ha ha - funny. My husband laughed too xx

Maxabella said...

Massive revelation there, Penny - you really do need to take care of yourself. As a fellow mum of non-sleepers (I won't tell you how long it's been for me as it could tip you over the edge!) I have found that generally I'm fine on little sleep EXCEPT I hit a MAJOR wall from time to time. The exhaustion just catches up. When it happens, I used to push through it. Now I know better. I need to rest and rest and rest whenever I can until I'm back. You've got to do the same where you can. Best wishes. x

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