Friday, November 5, 2010

Loving, not loving

Loving that...

Mr Samoa (a.k.a clown!) has been offered a job! Yes, I real job for the first time in 5 long, hard years. A few things have to be confirmed, but the offer is official and the champaigne will come out next week after his exam. Gotta keep focused for now.

Smiley, who is 8 months old is already eating what we eat at the dinner table (in smaller chunks of course). I am not having another fussy eater like Turbo, who from around the age of 1, decided a fruit or vegetable would not pass through his lips...unless Mummy cleverly disguised it in his food.
Last night Smiley ate our mince with us and the night before, pasta. And he eats lots of different types of fruit.

Turbo has been fully toilet trained for the last few months. The money it saves on nappies! And he has a bladder like a camel so no trouble when we go out. He just waits until we get home. Awesome stuff, Turbo!

My backyard is a little Summer haven. It's not big, but it's just right for us. A trampoline, sandpit and paddling pool. A shady, leafy tree with a cool afternoon shade spot. We spend most afternoons there.

I bought a skipping rope. Finally doing some exercise. I wasn't quite getting out there, so I brought the exercise home to me. Flip, it's hard! Can only do a minute at the moment.

We are getting out and socialising more at night with our kids. With Turbo, I was so scared to break his routine. This time, we want to have a life! On Saturday night we were here. Thanks, Simone, we really enjoyed ourselves.

Mr Samoa and I keep getting closer and stronger in our relationship, despite the recent rocky patches. He rocks. THE best husband.

Not loving that...

One of my best friends is moving away. Not too far, but far enough that we can't meet up like we do now. I am going to miss her terribly. But, at least we'll have a holiday destination?

The scorching NZ sun season is upon us. Being the colouring that I am, I can never fully enjoy it. I'm the one scrambling desperately for a spot in the shade and constantly lathering myself with suncreen. But hey, you all should be doing the same, right? No one is immune to skin cancer.

I'm so tired. Smiley still wakes at night and so I have a really short fuse at the moment. Turbo often gets the worst of me. Mornings are not good.

Smiley still only naps for half an hour during the day. I don't get much done. I probably should come to terms with that now.

Because of the above, my house is really not that clean. And I don't foresee being able to do anything about it anytime soon. I manage to do the main stuff but I can't remember when I cleaned behind the furniture or in the cupboards for example. So if you come over to my house, please don't look too closely! Sigh.


Lyns said...

Hey Penny - wahoo re the job offer that is fantastic news. Loved catching up with you last Saturday. Your kids are super cute and I was so stoked that Smiley almost wanted a cuddle :)

MNM's said...

Loving your loving not loving post! Awesome on the job front..yay God is good! Your backyard sounds like a little slice of heaven especially that you are getting to spend so much time there..yay for summer too! :-)

Gail said...

Love the photos of you guys! Was really nice to see you at the BBQ the other night. I feel a few more casual catch ups coming up!

So cool about the job!

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