Saturday, March 26, 2011

An actual laugh out loud

I'm grateful for things that make me laugh.

So my lovely friend, Leisl, has a blog, as mentioned in the last post. She is a witty and talented writer. And by the way, this is not a plug for her blog. Just the plain facts. She's brilliant.

Read this little excerpt:
"The next time someone tries to tell you that having children close together in age is a good idea, tell them to get lost. Seriously. They have either never tried this particular brand of torture out themselves, or they’re so badly traumatised by it, they’ve split off a personality that keeps the horror at bay.

Alas, I was dragged like a hapless fool into believing this conspiracy theory. But here’s the thing – all that rubbish about them being best friends when they’re older? What they don’t tell you is that the REASON they’re best friends is because their mother turns into a psycho nut-job and they need to join ranks to defend themselves against her."

And then she went on to say how her husband came home to find her jumping on the bed with ther baby in her arms and...o, you better read it for yourself. This got an actual laugh out loud from me. How often do we put the famous LOL and truthfully, it's only a moderate chuckle, or a smile.

Maybe its that I know her and can picture the scene in my head. Or maybe it's because I've been there, in her shoes. O, the ridiculous and desperate things I did to get my boys to sleep at times.

And just for fun, here's a song that I just can't get out of my head. You know those ones with the extremely catchy and contagious tunes? You've been warned.

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MultipleMum said...

What a cute post.Your friend Liesel is a wise and funny woman! Where do we find her blog? Thanks for linking up to Maxabella's grateful linky and making me laugh!

Elizabeth said...

I love that song!

Little Gumnut said...

oooh I like this song!!

Miss Mandy said...

That is too true, love it, the post from your friend, the song, all of it.

Kelly said...

What a great song, awesome lyrics ☼

L A said...

Hey Pen,
Another sleepless night & I logged onto your blog to see my name splashed all over it! :)
Thanks for the compliment my friend! And for the prayers & wishes. Love u to the moon & back!

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