Friday, March 11, 2011

Bad mummy moments

What do you get when you put Turbo in a room full of little girls?

A lot of scared little girls who then start crying!

My coffee group met at my little place on Tuesday. Which is fine. But my place is, well, quite little for a group gathering. Turbo was his usual self that morning and we played inside (well I frantically cleaned, as you do before guests come over) until it was almost time for them to arrive.

Error number one. We played inside all morning.

So when they first girl arrived, Turbo literally started bouncing off the walls. Literally.

He was jumping on the couches, on the chairs, and roaring and bellowing loudly into the one year old little girl's face. As you can imagine, she clung like a limpet to her mom. And so loud were his roars that they woke Smiley up from his nap. Great, a 20 minute nap = a grumpy little boy.

Then more mothers arrived with more of their little girls. Turbo managed to make one cry before she even got a foot in the door.

Error number two. I was still keeping him inside. Although when you're the hostess, it's a little hard to exit the room.

The roaring continued, along with jumping around and throwing toys in the small space. My efforts to restrain him and calm him fell on deaf ears. He was not listening to me at all.

And then I felt it. Sheer embarrassment. It's been a while since I felt that about Turbo. He was out of control and I had no idea what to do.

Error number three. You're still inside, lady! Don't you get it?

My nightmare is having kids like you see on Super Nanny or Nanny 911. Out of control, kids calling the shots, and desperate, powerless-looking mothers. Shudder.

I finally took him outside. He then threw his bike at another little girl. I marched him into his room, trying to get a grip on my emotions. I prayed. I just wanted everyone with their little girls (nothing against girls, just in the moment kind of thinking) to go home! Where the heck were some boys anyway?!

After a bit of trampoline jumping he calmed down. I then finally realised he needed to let off steam. A typical characteristic of a spirited child. His acting out was a result of pent up energy, coupled with the excitement of unexpected visitors (I had forgotten to tell him people were coming...another no-no for spirited children). Duh!

On the whole though, things have been a lot harder since Mr Samoa started work. He definitely is listening to me a lot less and it's harder to get him to do things. Frustration station!

Could he still be adjusting too? Children feel things as much as we do. He's used to having his dad around a whole lot more. And I've been told they also go through testosterone surges at certain ages. He'll be three next month. Could that be a typical age for that? I really need to read my ample spare time.

Anyway, the coffee group ended up ok. The little girl who had clung to her mother like a limpet at the beginning was laughing at Turbo's crazy antics by the end. And Smiley, despite being woken, was his usual cheerful and lovely self.

I know we all have these days. And that it's part of being a mom. But you always want your kid to not be like that, you know what I mean? You want your kid to show with his behaviour what a darn good mom you are. Yeah right. Ha ha!

Thing is, we're great mothers in spite of their challenging behaviour. Even in our worst motherhood moments.

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Meghan at MNM's said...

Well I just LOVE the way you ended on such a positive note after what was clearly a trying moment or two!

Today was one of those learning experiences..and from your write-up sounds like you learned a lot.

And keep believing that last ARE a FANTASTIC MAMA!

Sammy said...

Poor you! Have been there, done that, got the badge for the most embarresed mother. Like a badge of honour I think. The shame is soooo humbling!
Glad you realised that yes, you ARE an awesome mother!

Simoney said...

Ahhh Penny.
Yay for you.
Lets play again sometime hey??
Let them run wild outside??!
No little girls, I promise :)

Dee said...

your boy is welcome here anytime.
i know your pain totally... :)

L A said...

I particularly love it when they've been angels forever and then, when you're alone in a crowded shopping centre with them, they let rip with their most energetic tantrum!
It happens to all of us so don't stress even for a moment my friend!

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