Friday, March 18, 2011

A little bit busy

It's a bit of a crazy week! Busy, busy.
Turbo has dropped his day nap so there's much less no down time during the day.
Bit of a shock to the system.

Things are coming at us thick and fast. Good things, I should add.
Like being approached by a neighbour as I got out of my car on Monday about moving into one of his rental properties in a couple of months.
Round the corner. The right size house, the right price.
No hassle, no looking through house after house with the other 100 applicants.
A little bit of a blessing in this rental crisis we're having!!

And to top it all off (cue music....da da da da), I'm turning 30 on Sunday! EEEEEEK!
Life begins after 30 right?
No, seriously. I don't think I've ever been more settled in who I am than now.
Anyone else find the same?

This was meant to be my Wordless Wednesday photo entitled "Dreaming of Summer."
It's amazing what things they manage to take into bed with them. Cute huh?

Hope your week is going well!

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Rachel said...

That picture is awesome!

Jules said...

Cute pic, how funny! That's so exciting about the new place, yay for you guys!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Great photo!!! All the best for happy birthday celebrations!

Leonie said...

haha that photo is priceless!!!

Rebecca said...

ahhh so cute, and that's such good news about the house!
Happy 30th wahoo, so young...ahh I'm fast approaching my 40th!!
Blessings xox

Simoney said...

LOVE the photo!!
And 30!! Wow. I can't believe it.
Actually I can't believe I manage to have a freind who is/was(!) still in her twenties!

Little Gumnut said...

Yay oh yay for that rental property. How amazing is that! And happy happy birthday!

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