Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smiley has his first party

Today the nation observed two minutes silence in honour of those lives the Christchurch earthquake claimed. When you live far away from the devastation, one can easily forget what people are going through, even when it's in your own country.

In one sense, life has to go on. Like this couple who got married only days after she was pulled from the rubble. And of course Smiley's party, on that same day. We've all had a rough week, filled with emotion. But we had a great day on Saturday, surrounded by family and good friends. We felt so blessed!

The party was a Summer Fun theme - so easy to put together. We held it at a park, which I highly recommend (no messy house to clean up afterwards!) and the weather was lovely.

We had beach ball biscuits, chocolate fish diving into blue jelly, a fish-shaped cake, the popcorn and chips in buckets, and instead of balloons and streamers, blow up arms bands, tubes and beach balls!

Thanks to everyone who came and helped make it a great day!
And thank you for all your generous gifts. We love you all.

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Dawn said...

What a smiley day:)))

PaisleyJade said...

Looks like an awesome paty - that fishy cake is so cute!!!

Little Sabine said...

What a fantastic party, brilliant pics. Yes love the cake!!! Ours is at the end of the month, can't wait!!! Looks like smiley had a wonderful time!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Happy Birthday Smiley! Looks like a very fun party!

Kymmie said...

Happy Birthday beautiful boy!! The party looks so good Penny. You did a great job with the cake and the party food, and decorations... oh hang it, it ALL looked fabulous! xxx

Lyns said...

Happy Birthday Smiley - you are really growing up!! And Penny you are so clever, love the party xx

Simoney said...

This looks AWESOME penny!!
Well done you!
Make sure to link it up to the party linky, aye??

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